About Elizabeth Blomberg

Certified Simply Music Teacher

When I first started lessons I had only a toy piano to practise on, it had miniature black and white keys and in fact I still have that piano. This is quite a long time ago now and since then I have had lots of lessons, advancing to attempting ATCL Teachers Diploma. I also taught school music.Then the rest of life took over. But I always had a piano. 

When I decided to take up piano again seriously I came across Simply Music and tried their home study course and this so impressed me that I did the teacher training and became a Certified Teacher in 2012. 

I maintain a small select home music studio where I continue to advance my learning and enjoy teaching a cross section of ages from children to senior (golden age) adults. 

I believe that playing the piano can be enjoyed at any level of ability. We do not have to aspire to be concert pianists. There is much that can be gained from learning the piano that goes beyond music - self expression, creative expression, connection with others, improved learning ability - are just some that come to mind.
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